Guranteed Results

With our long line of success, we guarantee that our products would give you unexpected results!
We believe that quality is what sets us and our competitors apart. Hence, our responsibility drives our uncompromising efforts to ensure that only the finest quality products sold to you.
Virobond products has been proven to be effective & efficient concrete/wood protecting agent as we’ve had a vast number of positive feedback & testimonials from clients who’ve used our products.
Our products are proven to water proof concrete and wood surfaces, giving you a piece of mind as you do not need to worry about water soaking into your walls or flooring.

Virobond Application

A few examples of using Virobond Waterproofing agent

Why Virobond?

Measurable Value is when the life of your concrete, or the life of the coating on your concrete or wood is doubled, or tripled, or better. Using Virobond products will increase the value you receive for every ringgit you spend to keep your home or building looking like new.
Concrete, wood and the coatings on each will last longer, and your maintenance costswill be greatly reduced or eliminated.
Our products will not harm the applicator, plants, pets, fish, kids, or the environment. Extend the life of your concrete, building or home, stretch your maintenance farther, and all the while enjoy the fact you are also helping save the environment for your kids.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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