Virochem (M) Sdn. Bhd., offers a unique collection of inexpensive, truly green, earth-friendly products.

Each product has been engineered and designed to provide better, longer performing solutions, waterproofing, priming, hardening, strengthening, maintaining and extending the life of your concrete, brick, block, masonry and grout or wood surfaces. These products are individually engineered to provide permanent, yet, easy to apply, earth-friendly solutions to various specific long standing, chronic waterproofing, priming and maintenance problems.

The products can uniquely claim to provide exceptional results because each engineered solution system is built around the unique capabilities of one or more of the Virochem products with ultra-heavy duty industrial grade and application systems. They are used for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications, interior or exterior, over new or old surfaces, where a more permanent, cost effective, earth-friendly & non-toxic solution is preferred. Provide unique and unparalleled enhancements, yet each and every product has been engineered and tested to be water based, non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically friendly, and easy to use.

Virochem, is very proud and excited to deliver their unique and long waited capabilities products to the marketplace. Measureable value is when the life of your concrete, or the life of the coating on your concrete or wood is doubled, or tripled, or better. Using Virochem products will increase the value you receive for every dollar you spend to keep your home or building looking like new.

Concrete, Wood and the coatings on each will last longer, and your maintenance costs will be greatly reduced or eliminated. Our products will not harm the applicator, plants, pets, fish, or the environment. Extend the life of your concrete, building or home, stretch your maintenance dollar father, and all the while enjoy the fact you are also helping save the environment for mankind.