We’ve gathered up a few questions that have been frequently asked by our clients for your convenience.

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At Virochem we specialize in sealers that are designed specifically for large-scale, heavy-duty applications (commercial, industrial, agricultural). Not only do we demand long-term results, we guarantee it!
Our Virochem team are experts in commercial, industrial, and agricultural sealer applications. Whether we offer expert advice on your unique situation providing a service unmatched in the industry.

At Virochem we are committed to giving you the best service possible so we treat each order with special care. We recommend that you use the handy feedback form to e-mail us the details on your specific needs. We will respond promptly addressing your questions, how to contact a nearby distributor, and prices. If there is no distributor in your area you may purchase the products directly from us.

We realize that every situation is unique and requires specific and expert advice, so we provide a service second-to-none; your situation will be treated with special care and interest. Anyone that uses our services will tell you that they got the expert advice they needed for their situation.

Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is different than “residential” forms of penetrable sealers because it is designed specifically for large-scale, heavy-duty applications (commercial, industrial, agricultural). This makes Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 the clear choice as it is a consistent, reliable and effective concrete sealer.
Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 penetrates deep into the pores of most masonry to then react with the alkali present in all masonry materials. This reaction forms a hard, permanent barrier which is impervious to acids, moisture, etc.
Yes and No. While Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is capable of filling the small crevices and pores of the concrete, it will not fill cracks larger than 1mm across. Virobond 505 & Virobond 515’s unique properties, however, help in the crack-repairing process. Typically when new concrete is poured into or over old concrete, in time, the two will separate from each other, creating more problems. Virobond 505 & Virobond 515, because of it’s dust-stopping properties, helps new concrete to bond with old making any crack-repair better than new.
Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is designed to withstand the test of time. Since Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is not a surface sealer it will not break down due to surface wear and tear. Once Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is applied, it will offer consistent, permanent protection against deterioration from the inside out.
Virobond 505 & Virobond 515, being a penetrable sealer, will not alter the surface texture when applied. This is of great importance where safety is a concern, such as shop floors, patios, decks, etc. Hog and dairy farmers take note. The same level of safety is available to your livestock when Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is used.
No. Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is a clear product and will leave treated surfaces unchanged, both in texture and color and will not leave a membrane on the surfaces. Take a look at some of the industries where Virobond 505 & Virobond 515 is being used.