Virobond 505

Concrete, Masonry, Stones, Woods and many more…
One Solution for All (For Painting Surfaces)

With Virobond 505 we can help the consumer achieve peace of mind by creating a superior concrete with a limited lifetime product performance warrantee.

Virobond 505 is a Multi-Purpose, Safe to use, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Water-Base Invisible, Non-Glossy, Odourless, Internal Waterproofed, Hardener and Vapour Barrier for Concrete,

Brick, and Mortar. Its create a Permanent Internal Membrane, Ensuring Water, contaminants or others liquids will never penetrate into the concrete, and that concrete will never suffer from internal or surface degradation. A Limited Life-Time Product Performance Warrantee is offered limited to the depth of the concrete treated.

The only products currently in the marketplace, which claim to provide an internal waterproofing membrane, are cementitious, brush-applied slurries. These types of materials have limited application. They can only be used to waterproof walls. The application of these cement slurries is labour intensive, and the aesthetics of a cement slurry spread all over your walls, not to mention the texture of the brush strokes, is very unattractive.

Available Marketplace for Concrete Treatments and Waterproofers

Most of the products available to the retail DIY’er for treating concrete are single purpose, surface sealers, using toxic, flammable, non-eco-friendly, non-user friendly solvents or water as a base.

Most types of water proofers dominate the concrete waterproofing marketplace. These products are (only) surface sealers, providing no other function, but a short-term resistance (predominantly from the positive side) to the penetration of water, water-borne contaminants and liquid contaminants, like oils. These products provide little to no resistance to liquids coming from the negative side.

Their lifespan is limited from months to a few years at best. Eventually constant abrasion and UVA and UVB rays cause these products to break down and wear off (the surface) and the result is water, water-borne salts and “other” contaminants are absorbed into the concrete causing the degradation of the concrete. Then, even if these types of sealers are re-applied, they seal the intrusive contaminants inside the concrete allowing the degradation to continue unseen inside the concrete where even the corrosive of the steel rebar can occur.

The average consumer does not understand that concrete will deteriorate or why their concrete slab deteriorates. They go along oblivious to this degradation slowly taking place. They often live in a world or false security, caused the case of their concrete garage pad, driveway or sidewalks by their long-term faith in the preventative measure. Remedies such as resurfacing or replacing concrete are expensive.

The average consumer sees white, salts forming on the inside surfaces of the concrete walls in their basement or crawlspace. In serve cases they might actually see moisture on the walls surface. They might see mould at the base of interior concrete walls in the basement, which have been stick framed then panelled in gyproc. In the case of concrete floor slabs in basements, they are unaware hydrostatic pressure will push moisture vapour up through the concrete dissolving the internal salts carrying the salts laden moisture up under the adhesive or floor covering where the water vapour either emulsifies the adhesive causing it to fail, or the water vapour evaporates leaving a slowly building layer of salts under the floor coverings, which will discolour and/or delaminate, eventually requiring replacement.