• A one time application and permanent solution with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Water based, non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically friendly.
  • Internal waterproofs against positive or negative hydrostatic pressure.
  • Stops grease, oil, and acid penetration.
  • Densifies, hardens, strengthens, and your concrete and masonry will look like the day it was treated, forever.
  • Reduces or eliminates wear due to abrasion, freeze-thaw and salt attack.
  • Reduces vapour transmission saving floor coverings/coatings from capillary rise of moisture and salts, up to a 300% increase in bond of secondary coatings.
  • Neutralizes alkali and pH in concrete substrates to the depth penetrated.
  • Up to 63% reduction in chloride permeability
  • Leaves a clear, non-glossy finish.
  • Enables easier ice and snow removal.
  • Protects rebar from chloride attack and corrosion


Application varies depending on porosity of substrate. Test a small area prior to application to predetermine coverage rate.
Typical coverages are as follows :
  • Fully cured, float finished concrete floors with a high surface tension and low moisture content : 4 to 6 sq. M/litre.
  • Concrete with a broom finish, or fresh concrete newly stripped of its forms : 3 to 4 sq. M/litre.
  • Used during curing of concrete, or in extreme repair applications with high water content, coverage can range from 1.5 to 3 sq. m/litre.