1. Easy Application – Easy applied, permanent, invisible, positive side waterproofed, hardener, pH neutralizer stabilizer and primer for old or new concrete slabs and walls, and negative side waterproofed and moisture vapour barrier for slabs, floors and concrete walls.

When applied to the positive side or surface Virobond 505 permanently ensures :

  • Due to the dramatic increase in hardness, the whole life of the concrete surface is extended by a factor of 2 to 3 times from wear due to abrasion, and compression “pop-out” damage caused by the impact of dropped heavy objects is reduced.
  • No liquid can penetrate from the positive side (inside surface of wall or top of floor) deeper than about ½ mm.
  • No liquids can penetrate from the negative side (backfilled side of a wall or underside of a slab).
  • The Virobond 505 treated surface, once cured and flushed with clean water is now a pH neutral surface.
  • No concrete off-gasing or chemical reaction to surface coatings will occur.
  • Insufficient moisture vapour can transmit or wick through the concrete (from the negative side) to cause the formation of efflorescence or the cause the emulsification of flooring adhesive or the delamination of floor coatings or coverings, or paints on walls or floors. Reduce or eliminate efflorescence “bloom” on split face block. Bare concrete walls will remain clean and dry. Coatings or adhesive will blond better and last longer.
  • Concrete will look like the day they treated, forever.
2. Low Coat – A one time application, which lasts forever versus sealers, which must be re-applied, guarantees there is no better value in a concrete waterproofing treatment.

3. A limited lifetime warranty – Limited to the depth of the concrete treated. The lamination is wear due to prolonged exposure to extreme abrasion, which will eventually abrade way the Virobond 505 treated surface layer of concrete. As long as the Virobond 505 treated concrete layer is not abrade away, the performance of the internal membrane produced by Virobond 505 is permanent and warranty for the life of the surface treated.

Virobond 505 is multi-purpose, safe to use, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-based invisible, non-glossy, primary treatments for concrete or any alkaline based substrate, (mortar, cement block, etc.). These products create a permanent internal membrane within the concrete, ensuring water, water-borne contaminants or other liquids will never penetrate into the concrete from the positive to negative side, and that the concrete will never suffer from the internal or surface degradation. A limited lifetime product performance warrantee is offered limited to the depth of the concrete treated.
Whether spray applied to the surface of concrete or added as part of the mix water, Virobond 505 reacts with the water-soluble CH (Calcium Hydroxide) salts in concrete to instantly form a gel below the surface within the internal voids of the concrete. This gel hydrates in as little as 72 hours, into CSH (Calcium Silicate Hydrate), permanently replacing these water soluble CH salt crystals with non-water soluble CSH crystals. These CSH crystals are harder and smaller than the CH salt crystals they replace, as a result they ack the voids tighter, and not only make the concrete impermeable to any liquid molecules, but they make the concrete harder and stronger.
Virobond 505was specifically developed for non-wear surfaces, which are to be painted, l.e. Concrete walls. Virobond 505 produces a much more shallow, but much more dense crystallization. Tests conducted at AMEC showed the surface pH of untreated concrete to be 8.5, Virobond 505 treated concrete was 8.5 to 9.0. The enhancing properties of using an internal membrane material like Virobond 505.

1. Using a Virobond 505 product to reduce either the positive or negative side permeability of concrete.
– Reducing positive side permeability (waterproofing, acid proofing, etc) allows concrete treated with Virobond 505 to be used as a containment surface. Water, acids, or any liquid will not be able to permeate the concrete. Only air molecules can penetrate.
– Reducing negative side permeability (moisture vapour proofing) allows concrete treated with Virobond 505 to be coated with secondary coatings without fear of salts in the concrete or ground salts being dissolved by moisture vapour or condensation and coming up under the secondary coating causing the delamination or degradation of that secondary coating; (epoxy, paint, etc.). We have used these products to stop ground salts migration through concrete which is caused when either;

(a) Hydrostatic pressure pushes moisture in the ground up through the ground dissolving ground salts.
(b) Atmospheric pressure or condensation within concrete where an outside surface is hot and an inside surface is cooler and one of the surface is permeable, which allows the condensation within the concrete, which dissolves the salts.

The salt rich moisture vapour only stops it’s capillary migration when it comes in contact with the non-permeable coating on the concrete slab or wall, be it, a secondary coating (paint, epoxy, etc.) or a flooring material, or floor covering, where the moisture vapour evaporates leaving an ever increasing salt mass (efflorescence) forming under the non-permeable surface cover. Eventually these salts, which are forming will destroy the surface of the concrete and the secondary coating or floor covering will need to be removed, and the surface of the concrete replaced prior to a new secondary coating or floor covering being applied.
– Stop efflorescence bloom on split face block – Another example of a prime application for Virobond 505 is treating concrete swimming pools prior to repainting them.

2. Using Virobond 505 products to Neutralize the pH of concrete.
Having a pH neutral concrete surface can be very important. Concrete by its nature is very alkaline and salts on the surface of concrete can be very damaging to secondary coatings or floor coverings. If you treat concrete with Virobond 505 and after it’s cured, wash any salts from the surface with clean water, you will be left with a pH neutral concrete surface, which will permanently remain pH neutral. Secondary coatings and floor coverings can now be put down safely, and will never be subjected to degradation from salts on the surface of the concrete or salts being drawn up through the concrete by the capillary rise of moisture vapour.

3. Using Virobond 505 products for the Non-metallic hardening of concrete
Having the surface of concrete slabs or walls hardened with a spray application of Virobond 505 reduces wear due to abrasion or impact. Desirable on concrete floors, driveways or garage pads.

4. Using Virobond 505 to increase the early and ultimate compressive strength of concrete
Having concrete reach its designed ultimate compressive strength earlier than 28 days allows workers to be on the concrete earlier, and allows secondary coatings or flooring to be applied over concrete treated with Virobond 505 in 21 days as opposed to 28 days. Concrete which was designed to be 4,000 psi will have surface hardness once treated with Virobond 505 approximately 6,000 psi. Liquid will not bead up on the surface of concrete treated with Virobond 505.