Virobond 505 should never be applied if within 24 hours of application, the ambient temperature is going to drop below freezing, (0 degrees Celsius).


  • Do not apply Virobond 505 to any non-alkali bearing material, or glass, glazed surfaces, or aluminium, as etching will occur. Use protective coverings to ensure no over-spray contact or wind carried contact. In case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly and immediately with water.

  • Virobond 505 is not meant to fill or seal cracks.
  • Virobond 505 does not stain proof.
    While a surface properly treated with Virobond 505 will not allow the penetration of any liquid material below the top 1 to 2 mm, materials can penetrate and staining could occur in that top 1 to 2 mm. Therefore, if no other coating, paint, etc., is to be laid down on top of the Virobond 505 treated surface, and a higher stain resistance is required, Virobond 515 (Top Layer Sealer) has been specially formulated for this purpose, and to fill the top 1 to 2 mm, contact your Virobond 505 dealer or distributor on information about Virobond 515 (Top Layer Sealer).
  • For surfaces not specified in our literature or if uncertain as to previous chemical treatments, we recommend that Virobond 505 be applied to a small test area prior to application.

  • If Virobond 505 becomes frozen, thaw out completely and shake well to fully remix the material prior to using. Freezing will not harm the product.