Virobond 515

Concrete, Masonry, Stones, Woods and many more…
One Solution for All (For Non-Painting Surfaces)

With Virobond 515 it can help to achieve with long-term protection for the surface of concrete. Virobond 515 is a heavy-duty, industrial grade, dual-purpose, safe to use, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-based invisible, non-glossy, waterproof and hardener for concrete, exposed aggregate, paving stones, brick, masonry or grout. Use as a secondary coating for concrete treated with Virobond 515. Treating concrete with Virobond 515 ensures water or any liquid will always bead-up on the surface for easy cleaning and removal.

Current Marketplace for single-purpose Concrete Waterproofers

Single purpose surface sealer, using toxic, flammable, non-eco-friendly, non-user friendly solvents or water as a base, dominate the concrete waterproofing marketplace. These products are (only) surface sealers, providing no other function, but a short-term resistance (predominantly from the positive side) to the penetration of water, water-borne contaminants, like oils. These products provide little to no resistance to liquids to coming from the negative side, and eventually constant abrasion and exposure to the UVA and UVB rays from the sun, cause many products to break down and wear of the surface treated.

The unfortunate result is water, water-borne salts and “other” contaminants are absorbed into the concrete causing the degradation of the concrete. Then, even if these types of sealers are re-applied, they seal the moisture and/or the intrusive contaminants inside the concrete allowing the degradation to continue unseen inside the concrete where even the corrosion of the steel rebar may and can occur.

The average consumer does not understand, concrete is like “a brittle sponge” and if allowed to absorb liquids, it will deteriorate. They go along the oblivious to this fact and the resulting degradation slowly taking place in the concrete around them. The products are safe to use and meet the requirements for children, pets and plants.